Scottish Literary Studies Medal 2016

scottishliterarystudiesmedal-16092305c.jpgThis year’s winner is Ruth Salter. During her undergraduate degree in Scottish Literature, Ruth took courses in Scottish works ranging from Medieval and Renaissance writing to contemporary Scottish fiction. She specifically worked on Scott when studying Romantic novels, writing on his relationship with national identity. Ruth’s dissertation focused on representations of Scottish colliers and their relationship with folk tradition.  The Scott Club medal was awarded in particular for her first-class mark in a course on Fairy Tales, which has a strong Scottish focus. Her interest in folk culture led her to found the Scottish Universities Folk Festival in her final honours year, an event she is currently working to take into its second year. It has also prompted her recently to start studying an MSc in Celtic and Scottish Studies at the University of Edinburgh, where she hopes her background in Scottish Literature will be a valuable asset.

Above Image Copyright "Lee Live: Photographer" (Used with Permission)