Past Talks and Papers

All previous Club lectures and articles since 1894

- excluding Annual Dinners and Summer Excursions



David McClay - Scott and the Speculative Society (with video)

Dr Valentina Bold - Dark Restless Borderers:  Walter Scott and James Hogg (with video)

Dr Anna Pilz - Scott and the Northern Lights (with video)

J. H. Alexander and Dr Lesley Graham - A Colloquium on Quentin Durward (with video)

Hilary Clydesdale - Walter Scott and Secret History (with video) 

Lady Joyce Caplan - The Dark Heart of Midlothian: Justice, Truth and the Law

Prof. Gillian Black and Sir Crispin Agnew - The Enigma of Sir Walter Scott’s “moor” supporter—a symbol of slavery? (with video)


Prof. Gerard Carruthers - Burns & Scott: Builders of the Scottish Nation (video)

Jenni Calder - Reading Waverley (video)

The Hon. Lord Woolman - Sir Walter’s Trip to the Battlefield of Waterloo (Video)

Roddy Martine - Sir Walter Scott and his publisher James Cadell (video)

Dairmid GunnSir Walter Scott: Perceptions of the Highlands and Highlanders (with transcript and video)

Caroline McCracken-FlesherSomething to Write Home About: Surprising Stories in Abbotsford Guest Books (with video)


Lt Cdr Dairmid Gunn  - Russia and Scottland: Russia’s debt to Sir Walter. (transcript)

Margaret Bennett and Lori Watson - Beyond the Border: Sir Walter Scott’s Minstrelsy in Story and Song  (Video 1) (Video 2)

Professor Claire Lamont and Professor Peter Garside - A Colloquium on Waverley (transcript)

Sir Hew Strachan - Kaiser Wilhelm II 1914 – Napoleon Bonaparte 1814  (Video 1) (Video 2) 

Paul H. Scott - The Letters to Malachi Malagrowther 


Lucy Macrae and Kaye McAlpine - Reiving and Bereaving: Walter Scott and the rich ballad tradition of the Scottish Borders

Lt Cdr Dairmid Gunn - Scott and Malta: A Mediterranean Adventure (transcript)

Fiona Robertson - Scott in 2013: New Scholarship, Old Connections, and the Case of Rokeby (transcript)

Professor David Purdie - An IVANHOE for the 21st Century

Richard and Caroline Wiseman - 39 North Castle Street: A Private Viewing 

Dr. Matthew Withey - A Private Tour of Sir Walter’s newly restored home 

Alasdair Hutton - Marmion, A Tale of Flodden Field: A Marketing Triumph. (transcript)

Lindsay Levy - Abbotsford Library Catalogue 1838 and 2013

Dr. Sigrid Rieuwerts - Editing Scott’s Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border 

2011/12 Read these articles here: Bulletin (Final Printed Bulletin)

Prof. David Purdie - Scott and the Pharos: The Lighthouse Tour of 1814 Revisited 

Sandra McNeil - Abbotsford: an Exciting Future 

Dr Gillian Hughes - Sir Walter Scott and James Hogg: A City and Country Friendship

Dr Susan Rennie - Besoms, Keelies, and Merry Men: Scott’s contributions to Jamieson’s Dictionary

William Payne and Lee A. Simpson - A Colloquium on The Antiquary

Joanna Cooke and Matthew Withey - Out and In:  The Decant and Recant of Sir Walter Scott’s Collection at Abbotsford

Professor Christopher Harvie - Scott, The Brothers Grimm and the Lost Union 

J. H. Alexander - Editing Scott’s Last Edition 

Allan Massie - Scott and Byron: The Generosity of Friendship

Professor Claire Lamont - Story-telling in the Introductions to the Magnum Edition of the Waverley Novels

Dr. Penny Fielding - To The Lighthouses: Scott and the Stevensons in Orkney and Shetland

Lt. Cdr. Dairmid Gunn - Scott, Newman and Abbotsford

Professor Kathryn Sutherland and Professor David Hewitt - Colloquium on Redgauntlet

Dr. Gillian Hughes - Scott and James Hogg: A City and Country Friendship

Dr. Alison Lumsden - Retuning the Harp of the North: Editing Scott's Poetry

Dr. Michael Buck - William Stark, and the Cottage that Never Was: Early Planning at Abbotsford, 1811-12

Prof. Peter Garside - Illustrating Scott's Fiction

2010 Read these articles here: Bulletin

Kath Hardie - Sir Walter Scott and Thomas Moore

Dr. Paul Barnaby - A Mighty Treasure: The Corson Collection

Dr Alison Lumsden and Dr. Nicola Watson - Colloquium on The Lady of The Lake

John M. Milne - Bricks Without Straw

Dr. R. A. Silvester - Presidential Perspectives

Stuart Kelly - Scott-Land: The Author Who Invented A Nation

Dr. Robert Irvine - Scott, India, and the Muslim Gentleman 

2009 Read these articles here: Bulletin

Brian Gill and Paul H. Scott - Colloquium on The Heart of Midlothian

Scott Moffat - An Evening With Scott 

Stuart Kelly - Scott and Satire

Professor David Purdie - Scott's use of Classical Quotation

Jacquie Wright - Abbotsford: Past, Present and Future

Ronald Silvester - Scott as Poet, Critic and Historian 

Lindsay LevyWalter Scott – bibliophile or bibliomaniac?

Alasdair Hutton and Professor David Hewitt - Coloquium on Rob Roy 

2008 Read these articles here: Bulletin

Stephen Woolman - Remembering Scott's Birthday

Ronald Stevenson - Premiere of Scott Musical Settings by Sophia Scott (Reviewed by Bridget Falcolner-Salkeld)

Jenni Calder - Scott, Wilderness and North America

Professor Peter Garside - Annotating Waverley

Lt. Cdr. Dairmid Gunn - Jeanie Deans and the Captain's Daughter

2007 Read these articles here: Bulletin

Professor Ian Campbell - Remembering Scott's Birthday

Bridget Falcolner-Salkeld - Shakespeare at Traquair's - The Lay of the Last Minstrel

Stephen Woolman - Scott and the Edinburgh Reviewers

Graham Tulloch - Scott and Australia

Judy Steel - Rediscovering Scott for a New Generation

Professor Murray Pittock - The Reception of Scott in Europe

Dr. Bill Bell - The Real Age of Scott 

Martin Philip - James Robertson and Walter Scott 

2006 Read these articles here: Bulletin

James RobertsonScott and the Ettrick Shepherd

James HollowayWalter Scott and His Artists 

Owen Dudley EdwardsScott and Ireland

Alex CameronIn the Footsteps of Scott 

Professor Caroline McCracken-FlesherYou Can’t Go Home Again 

Professor David PurdieA Tale of Three Knights

2005 Read these articles here: Bulletin

Andrew D. HookScott and America 

Sir Eric AndersonLiving With Scott

Professor David HewittScott Revolutionised: What We Have Learned from Editing the Waverley Novels

Susan Hamilton and John Cameron - Local Heroes and Romantic Heroines: A Recital of works by F.Schubert, F.G.Scott, R.Stevenson, L.Strickland, L.Beethoven, G.Donizetti, and J.Haydn. (Photograph)

Bridget Falconer-Salkeld Scott and Scotland’s Parliament 

2004 Read these articles here: Bulletin

Dr. Iain Gordon BrownSir Walter Scott: A Life in Manuscripts

Bridget Falconer-SalkeldA Brahah Pen

Dr. Margaret Bennett and Sandy StanageBeyond The Border: Sir Walter Scott’s Minstrelsy

R. A. Silverster The Wizard of the North: Confounding the Detractors

A.M.G. Kinnear - Young Walter Scott and Old Dr. Hutton 

Robert BurnsScott in Schools 

Andrew StevensonScott-related Works in the Philadelphia Museum of Art

2003 Read these articles here: Bulletin

Allan Massie - Why We Should Read Scott Today 

Professor David PurdieThe Younger Scott and the Later Enlightenment 

Paul H.ScottWalter Scott’s Cruise with the Lighthouse Commissioners

Richard Hill Turner’s Illustrations to the Work of Sir Walter Scott 

2002/3 Read these articles here: Bulletin

Lt. Cdr. Dairmid GunnThe Pirate

Dr. Alison Lumsden - Textual Messaging: The Making of Meaning in the Waverley Novels


Anne Lorne Gillies and Rhona Mackay - The Lady of the Lake (Photographs)

2000/1 Read these articles here: Bulletin

Richard D. Jackson – Introducing Guy Mannering and The Astrologers 

Rod Paterson - Evening of Music at Abbotsford

Dr. Iain Brown - Collecting Scott for Scotland 1850-2000

1999/2000 Read these articles here: Bulletin

Arnold KempSir Walter Scott and Politics

Richard D. JacksonScott and St. John’s 

Jane SellarsSir Walter Scott and the Brontes

1998/9 Read these articles here: Bulletin

Douglas GiffordInventing New Scotlands: The Achievements of Sir Walter Scott 

Lt. Cdr. Dairmid GunnSir Walter Scott and His Influence on the Russian Psyche 

Richard D. Jackson Boorjoy’s Bonnie Braes

1997/8  Read these articles here: Bulletin  

Professor Ian Campbell Scott’s Treatment of the Past

J.H. Alexander The Key, The Bonnie Bridegroom and An Ower True Tale

1995/6 Read these articles hereBulletin

Fraser Elgin - Exegi Momumentum Aere Pernnius

Niger TranterA Novelist’s View of Scott

A.G.StevensonAlexander Smith: The Scott Forger

Derek Mills - Scott on Salmon

1993/4 Read these articles here: Bulletin

Professor David DaichesCharacter and History in Scott’s Novels 

Professor Ian CampbellA Centenary of Scott

Professor Jane Millgate - Scott and the Victorians

Basil SkinnerScott and the Open Road (read by Lydia Skinner)

A.G. StevensonWalter Scott at the Bar

A.G. StevensonThe Ettrick Shepherd in Court

Alan Massie - Pre-publication reading of The Ragged Lion 

Prof. Duncan Macmillan - Scottish Art in the Age of Scott 

Prof. John Sutherland - Scott's Lives

Tom Fleming - A performance of Wandering Willie Tale

1991/2 - Read these articles hereBulletin

Alex Cameron - Illustrated Talk on the Border County 

Lt. Cdr. Dairmid GunnThe Influence of Sir Walter Scott’s writings upon the works of Puskin and other Russian writers

Professor Claire Lamont – Waverley and Jacobite Mythology [audio]

Chen Zhao-LinSir Walter Scott’s Influence on Chinese Literature 

Lt. Cdr. Dairmid Gunn – Neil Gunn and Walter Scott: Attitudes to Scotland 

Professor Peter GarsideScott and the Borderlands of Romance 

1990 - Read these articles here: Bulletin

John McQueenOn Editing Rob Roy 

Professor David DaichesThe Poetry of Sir Walter Scott

Jenni CalderScott and Stevenson: Story and History 

1989 - Sir Eric AndersonScott: The Author as Actor . In light of the death of Dr. J.C. Corson the title of this talk was changed to The Building of Abbotsford.

1988 - Margaret Bennett and Martyn Bennett – Scott's Border Songs  

1986 - Dr. Iain Gordon Brown - A private viewing of the Interleaved Set of the Waverley Novels (the so-called ‘Magnum Opus’) and the Pforzheimer Scott Manuscripts repatriated from the United States. 

1932 - Centenary Celebrations  (Read about it in the Report here)

A Service in St. Giles on the Day of the Centenary (21st September)

A Ceremony at Dryburgh Abbey 

An Exhibition of Portraits and Manuscripts in the National Gallery

A Masque of Scenes from the Waverley Novels in the Usher Hall 

A Pageant by School Children in Waverley Market 

The Publication of a Commemorative Volume edited by Prof. H.J.C. Grierson 

1932 - Hugh Walpole - Scott and the Centenary (text)

1930 - Unknown - Walter Scott's Heroic Struggle (with insolvency) (text)

1929 - UnknownWalter Scott's visit to London (text)

1927 - Mr. Walter T. WatsonThe unveiling of a Tablet in Sciennes Hill House to commerate the meeting of Scott and Burns  (transcript)

1926 - VariousThe Meeting-place of Sir Walter Scott and Robert Burns (text)

1901 - Madam Annie Grey - Song Recital 

1900 - Rev. W. Stephen, Kelty, Blair AdamSir Walter Scott and the Blair Adam Antiquarian Club (Text)

1898 - William Wallace - Scott's Spiritual and Ethical Influence. 

1897 - Mr George G. Napier - Homes and Haunts of Sir Walter Scott

1896 - Sir Herbert Maxwell, Bart. M.P. - The Border Wars Between England and Scotland

1895 - Rev John Watson (Ian Maclaren) - The Typical Scott in the Waverley Novels 

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