2022: Mrs Bennet’s Ballroom

Public Lecture Fund: 2022 Recipient 

We awarded Mrs Bennet’s Ballroom £150 based on this application: 

Short description of event (max. 250 words):

This year, 2022, sees the bicentennial anniversary of King George IV’s visit to Scotland in August 1822, a visit devised, designed and orchestrated by Scottish historical novelist, poet, playwright and historian Sir Walter Scott. The seventeen day tour was the first visit of a reigning monarch since that of King Charles in 1651.

 A Grand Ball, to include dinner and dancing, will be held in the Ballroom at Hopetoun House  to commemorate King George IV’s visit to Scotland and in particular his visit to Hopetoun House.

The event will be held in the presence of the ‘King’ and ‘Sir Walter Scott’ (professional re-enactors) and will encompass many aspects of the receptions that George attended during his visit:

  • a piper / pipe band to greet the King
  • a toast in ‘Glenlivet’ whisky, newly brought to the notice of the King
  • an address by the King, a speech and recital by Sir Walter Scott
  • A dinner of Scottish fare making reference to the menu served to the King 
  • Dancing to the 2022 equivalent of “Gow’s celebrated band” which so enamoured the King.
  • The wearing of tartan 
  • Loyal Toast
  • Dances of the period, with particular reference to Scottish dances of the time
  • ‘Mrs Bennet’s Ballroom’ was founded in 2013 with the aim of providing opportunities for people to learn the dances of the Regency period and actively participate in Regency re-enactment at Balls and other events. 

    Libby Curzon is the Mrs Bennet in ‘Mrs Bennet’s Ballroom’. 

    How will this event meet the objectives of the club? (max. 250 words):

    The event aims to re-enact an important time in the history of Scotland, in which Sir Walter Scott played a major part. The portrayal of this notable figure will raise recognition of the man, his life and his works.

    There will be 150 guests present from Scotland, the rest of the UK and overseas.