Click on the name of a President to read their Toast to Sir Walter. 

2016: Stuart Kelly

2014: Brian Taylor

2012: Sir Max Hastings

2011: Emeritus Professor Claire Lamont

2010: The Rt. Hon. Lord Sanderson of Bowden

2009: Dr Iain Gordon Brown

2008: The Duke of Buccleuch

2007: A.N.Wilson

2006: Prof. Ian Campbell

2005: James Robertson

2004: Tam Dalyell

2003: Dame Jean Maxwell-Scott

2001: Professor The Right Honourable Sir David Edward

2000: Fraser Elgin

1999: Tom Fleming
1998: Sir John Thomson
1997: Mrs. Patricia Maxwell-Scott
1996: Professor Neil MacCormick
1995: Paul H. Scott

1994: Dr Archie Turnbull

1993: Right Hon. Lord Mackay of Clashfern
1992: Right Hon. Malcolm Rifkind

1989: Allan Massie

1986: Dr. T. L. Johnston
1985: The Right Hon. Lord Swann
1984: The Right Hon. Lord Grimond

1981: Professor R. J. Adam
1980: W. E. K. Anderson
1979: Lord Ballantrae
1978: Magnus Magnusson
1977: The Right Hon. Lord Scarman

1976: Ian Grimble

1975: Allan Frazer

1972: The Right Hon. Earl of Longford
1971: Robert Speaight

1969: The Hon. Lord Kilbrandon
1968: Ludovic Kennedy
1967: The Right Hon. Lord Polwarth

1964: Professor David Daiches
1963: Malcolm Muggeridge
1962: Baroness Elliot of Harwood 
1961: The Right Hon. Lord Birkett of Ulverston
1960: The Most Rev. and Right Hon. Arthur Michael Ramsay

1959: Hesketh Pearson
1958: The Right Hon. R. A. Butler
1957: Arthur Melville Clark
1956: The Right Hon. Viscount Kilmuir
1955: Professor C. S. Lewis
1954: The Right Hon. Lady Tweedsmuir
1953: Principal John Traill Christie
1952: Eric Linklater
1951: Professor Sir Alexander Gray
1950: The Right Hon. Walter E. Elliot

1949: The Right Rev. Maurice H. Harland
1948: Field Marshal The Right Hon. Earl Wavell of Cyrenaica and Winchester
1947: Dr. O. H. Mavor ('James Bridie')

1939: The Right Hon. Lord Ponsonby
1938: Major John Hay Beith
1937: Professor George Trevelyan 
1936: James Curle
1935: The Right Hon. Lord Macmillan 
1934: The Hon. Lord St. Vigeans

1932: Hugh Walpole
1931: Professor W. MacNeile Dixon
1930: The Very Rev. Sir George Adam Smith

1929: The Right Hon. Stanley Baldwin
1928: Professor George Gordon, President of Magdalen
1927: Professor H. J. C. Grierson
1926: Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch
1925: The Hon. Lord Sands
1924: The Right Hon. The Earl of Birkenhead

1922: The Right Rev. Herbert Hensley Henson
1921: The Right Hon. Robert Munro
1920: The Right Hon. Lord Glenconner

1914: The Right Hon. Viscount Bryce
1913: The Right Hon. Sir John Simon
1912: The Most Rev. and Right Hon. Cosmo Gordon Lang
1911: The Hon. Lord Guthrie
1910: Sir Donald MacAlister

1900: The Right Hon. Viscount Findlay
1899: The Right Hon. Sir Herbert Maxwell
1898: Sir George Douglas
1897: The Hon. Lord Stormonth Darling
1896: Emeritus Professor Masson
1895: The Hon. Lord Ardwall