Click on the "Annual Report" link to read text from the Annual Dinner at which the President gave the Toast to Sir Walter. 

2019: Professor Murray Pittock  (Dinner cancelled due to COVID-19)

2018: Sir Maxwell MacLeod (with video) - 110th Annual Dinner

2012: Sir Max Hastings

2011: [106th Annual Report*] - Emeritus Professor Claire Lamont (*Final Printed Report)

2010: [105th Annual Report] - The Rt. Hon. Lord Sanderson of Bowden

2009: [104th Annual Report] - Dr Iain Gordon Brown

2008: [103rd Annual Report] - The Duke of Buccleuch - 100th Annual Dinner  (Honorary Guest - HRH Princess Royal)

2007: [102nd Annual Report] - A.N.Wilson

2006: [101st Annual Report] - Prof. Ian Campbell

2005: [100th Annual Report] -James Robertson

2004: [99th Annual Report] - Tam Dalyell

2003: [98th Annual Report] - Dame Jean Maxwell-Scott (Professor Ian Campbell presided and delivered the Toast to Sir Walter)

2001: [95th Annual Report] - Professor The Right Honourable Sir David Edward

2000: [94th Annual Report] - Fraser Elgin

1999: [93rd Annual Report] - Tom Fleming

1998: [92nd Annual Report] - Sir John Thomson - 90th Annual Dinner

1997: [91st Annual Report] - Mrs. Patricia Maxwell-Scott

1996: [90th Annual Report] - Professor Neil MacCormick 

1995: [89th Annual Report] - Paul H. Scott

1994: [88th Annual Report] - Dr Archie Turnbull

1993: [87th Annual Report] - Right Hon. Lord Mackay of Clashfern

1992: [86th Annual Report] - Right Hon. Malcolm Rifkind

1988: [82nd Annual Report]Prof. David Hewitt (with audio) 80th Annual Dinner

1987: [81st Annual Report]No Annual Dinner

1986: [80th Annual Report] - Dr. T. L. Johnston

1985: [79th Annual Report] - The Right Hon. Lord Swann 

1984: [78th Annual Report] - The Right Hon. Lord Grimond

1981: [75th Annual Report] - Professor R. J. Adam

1980: [74th Annual Report] - W. E. K. Anderson

1979: [73rd Annual Report - missing] Lord Ballantrae (Professor David Daichespresided and delivered the Toast to Sir Walter)

1978: [72nd Annual Report] - Magnus Magnusson 

1977: [71st Annual Report] - The Right Hon. Lord Scarman - 70th Annual Dinner

1976: [70th Annual Report] - Ian Grimble

1975: [69th Annual Report] - Allan Frazer

1974: [68th Annual Report] - The Right Hon. Lord Tweedsmuir

1973: [67th Annual Report] -  The Right Hon. Harold Macmillan

1972: [66th Annual Report] - The Right Hon. Earl of Longford

1971: [65th Annual Report] - Robert Speaight

1969: [63rd Annual Report] - The Hon. Lord Kilbrandon

1968: [62nd Annual Report] - Ludovic Kennedy

1967: [61st Annual Report] - The Right Hon. Lord Polwarth - 60th Annual Dinner

1966: [60th Annual Report] - The Right Hon. Sir Alec Douglas-Home

1964: [58th Annual Report] - Professor David Daiches

1963: [57th Annual Report] - Malcolm Muggeridge

1962: [56th Annual Report] - Baroness Elliot of Harwood 

1961: [55th Annual Report] - The Right Hon. Lord Birkett of Ulverston (Died just three weeks before the Annual Dinner so The Right Hon. Lord Clyde, The Lord Justice General presided and delivered the Toast to Sir Walter)

1960: [54th Annual Report] - The Most Rev. and Right Hon. Arthur Michael Ramsay, Lord Archbishop of York, (later Archbishop of Canterbury)

1959: [53rd Annual Report] - Hesketh Pearson

1958: [52nd Annual Report] - The Right Hon. R. A. Butler

1957: [51st Annual Report] - Arthur Melville Clark - 50th Annual Dinner

1957: The Right Rev. Monseignor Ronald Knox D.Litt (resigned due to ill health)

1956: [50th Annual Report] - The Right Hon. Viscount Kilmuir

1955: [49th Annual Report] - Professor C. S. Lewis

1954: [48th Annual Report] - The Right Hon. Lady Tweedsmuir 

1953: [47th Annual Report] - Principal John Traill Christie

1952: [46th Annual Report] - Eric Linklater

1952: Principal John Traill Christie (Resigned to accept a Commission on Education in India)

1951: [45th Annual Report] - Professor Sir Alexander Gray

1950: [44th Annual Report] - The Right Hon. Walter E. Elliot

1949: [43rd Annual Report] - The Right Rev. Maurice H. Harland (Lord Bishop of Lincoln later Durham)

1948: [42nd Annual Report] - Field Marshal The Right Hon. Earl Wavell of Cyrenaica and Winchester

1947: [41st Annual Report] - Dr. O. H. Mavor ('James Bridie') - 40th Annual Dinner

* * * * *

1939: The Right Hon. Lord Ponsonby  (Dinner cancelled due to Second World War)

1938: [40th Annual Report - missing] - Major John Hay Beith (Ian Hay)

1937: [39th Annual Report] - Professor George Trevelyan 

1936: [38th Annual Report] - Dr. James Curle

1936: Sir Robert S. Rait C.B.E., M.A., LL.D. (Resigned due to ill health)

1935: [37th Annual Report] - The Right Hon. Lord Macmillan

1934: [36th Annual Report] - The Hon. Lord St. Vigeans (The Most Hon. The Marquess of Linlithgow presided and delivered the Toast to Sir Walter)

1933: [35th Annual Report] -  The Most Hon. The Marquess of Linlithgow (The Hon. Lord St. Vigeans presided and delivered the Toast to Sir Walter)

1932: [34th Annual Report] - Hugh Walpole

1931: [33rd Annual Report] - Professor W. MacNeile Dixon

1930: [32nd Annual Report] - The Very Rev. Sir George Adam Smith

1929: [31st Annual Report] - The Right Hon. Stanley Baldwin (Earl Baldwin of Bewdley) - 30th Annual Dinner

1928: [30th Annual Report] - Professor George Gordon, President of Magdalen 

1927: [29th Annual Report] - Professor H. J. C. Grierson

1926: [28th Annual Report] - Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch

1925: [27th Annual Report] - The Hon. Lord Sands

1924: [26th Annual Report] - The Right Hon. The Earl of Birkenhead

1923: [25th Annual Report] - Colonel John Buchan (Lord Tweedsmuir)

1922: [24th Annual Report] - The Right Rev. Herbert Hensley Henson

1921: [23rd Annual Report] - The Right Hon. Robert Munro KC MP. (The Very Reverend Professor Paterson presided and delivered the Toast to Sir Walter) - 22nd Annual Dinner

1920: The Right Hon. Lord Glenconner (Died - Dinner Cancelled - no Annual Report issued)

1920: The Right Hon. Lord Latymer (Resigned due to ill health)

1919: [22nd Annual Report] - The Right Hon. Viscount Bryce

* * * * *

1914: [21st Annual Report] - The Right Hon. Viscount Bryce (Dinner Cancelled due to First World War)

1913: [20th Annual Report] - The Right Hon. Sir John Simon - 20th Annual Dinner

1912: [19th Annual Report] - The Most Rev. and Right Hon. Cosmo Gordon Lang (The Archbishop of York - later Canterbury)

1911: [18th Annual Report] - The Hon. Lord Guthrie

1910: [17th Annual Report] - Sir Donald MacAlister

1909: [16th Annual Report] - Sir Gilbert J. Parker, LL.D. 

1908: [15th Annual Report] - Sir John Stirling Maxwell, Bt., LL.D.

1907: [14th Annual Report] -The Right Hon. George Wyndham, LL.D., M.P. 

1906: [13th Annual Report] - Sir Ludovic J. Grant, Bt., B.A., LL.D. 

1905: [12th Annual Report] - The Right Hon. The Earl of Lytton

1904: [11th Annual Report] - The Right Hon. Viscount Haldane, K.C., LL.D., M.P. 

1903: [10th Annual Report] - The Right Hon. Augustine Birrell, K.C., LL.D., M.P.  - 10th Annual Dinner

1902: [9th Annual Report] - Sir Henry Craik, K.C.B., LL.D., M.P.

1900: [7th Annual Report] - The Right Hon. Viscount Findlay

1899: [6th Annual Report] - The Right Hon. Sir Herbert Maxwell

1898: [5th Annual Report] - Sir George Douglas (Honorary Guest - The Right Hon. Joseph H. Choate)

1897: [4th Annual Report] - The Hon. Lord Stormonth Darling (Honorary Guest - The Right Hon. Arthur J. Balfour M.P. )

1896: [3rd Annual Report] - Emeritus Professor Masson

1895: [2nd Annual Report] - The Hon. Lord Ardwell