In 1894 Our First President and co-founder was:

Charles A. Cooper

He proposed the Toast to Sir Walter at our 1st Annual Dinner on Wednesday 7th November 1894 in the Waterloo Rooms, Edinburgh. 

His Toast to Sir Walter has been made available here thanks to sponsorship from Lee A. Simpson.

[Toast to Sir Walter]

You can also read the full report from where his address was taken here: [Special Report] 

Charles Alfred Cooper was Editor of the Scotsman 1880-1905. He was born in Hull. After being eductated in the Hull Grammer School he joined the staff of The Hull Advertiser, as sub-editor and manager. Following this, in 1861, he became gallery report in the House of Commons for The Morning Star, wher he remain for seven years, resigning to become assistant to Alexander Russel, then editor of The Scotsman. On the death of Mr. Russel he became editor. He wrote several books, among which were "Letters on South Africa" and "An Editor's Retrospective."

Click on the link below to read Charles A. Cooper's obituary. (This was kindly supplied by Craig Nelson, Library Manager at The Scotsman)

[Obituary for Charles A. Cooper]

[1st Annual Report] of The Edinburgh Sir Walter Scott Club