2022: Dr. Janina Ramirez (She was unable to attend and so Dr. Lucy Wood gave the Toast to Sir Walter)

2021: Professor Murray Pittock [with video] 

2020: Sir Tom Devine [with video]

2019: Professor Murray Pittock  (Dinner cancelled due to COVID-19)

2018: Sir Maxwell MacLeod [with video] 110th Annual Dinner

2017: Professor Alison Lumsden [with video]

2016: Stuart Kelly [with video]

2015: Professor Gerard Carruthers [with video]

2014: Brian Taylor [with video]

2013: Douglas Gifford [with video] 

2012: Sir Max Hastings [with video]

2008: The Duke of Buccleuch - 100th Annual Dinner  (Honorary Guest - HRH Princess Royal)

2007: A.N.Wilson

2004: Tam Dalyell

2003: Dame Jean Maxwell-Scott (Professor Ian Campbell presided and delivered the Toast to Sir Walter)

2000: Fraser Elgin

1999: Tom Fleming

1998: Sir John Thomson - 90th Annual Dinner

1996:Professor Neil MacCormick [with audio]

1995: Paul H. Scott [with audio]

1994: Dr Archie Turnbull [with audio]

1991: Mrs. Dorothy Dunnett [with audio]

1990: Professor Edwin Morgan [with audio]

1989: Allan Massie [with audio]

1987/8: Professor David Hewitt [with audio] - 80th Annual Dinner

1983: Lady Antonia Fraser [with audio]

1979: Lord Ballantrae (Professor David Daiches presided and delivered the Toast to Sir Walter)

1977: The Right Hon. Lord Scarman - 70th Annual Dinner

1976: Ian Grimble [with audio]

1974: The Right Hon. Lord Tweedsmuir [with audio]

1973: The Right Hon. Harold Macmillan [with audio]

1971: Robert Speaight [with audio]

1970: Professor Hugh Trevor-Roper [with audio]

1969: The Hon. Lord Kilbrandon [with audio]

1967: The Right Hon. Lord Polwarth - 60th Annual Dinner

1965: The Right Hon. Lord Cameron [with audio]

1964: Professor David Daiches [with audio]

1961: The Right Hon. Lord Birkett of Ulverston (Died just three weeks before the Annual Dinner so The Right Hon. Lord Clyde, The Lord Justice General presided and delivered the Toast to Sir Walter)

1957: Arthur Melville Clark - 50th Annual Dinner

1957: The Right Rev. Monseignor Ronald Knox D.Litt (resigned due to ill health)

1952: Principal John Traill Christie (Resigned to accept a Commission on Education in India)

1949: The Right Rev. Maurice H. Harland (Lord Bishop of Lincoln later Durham)

1947: Dr. O. H. Mavor ('James Bridie') - 40th Annual Dinner

* * * * *

1939: The Right Hon. Lord Ponsonby  (Dinner cancelled due to Second World War)

1938: Major John Hay Beith (Ian Hay)

1936: Sir Robert S. Rait C.B.E., M.A., LL.D. (Resigned due to ill health)

1934: The Hon. Lord St. Vigeans (The Most Hon. The Marquess of Linlithgow presided and delivered the Toast to Sir Walter)

1933: The Most Hon. The Marquess of Linlithgow (The Hon. Lord St. Vigeans presided and delivered the Toast to Sir Walter)

1932: Hugh Walpole

1929: The Right Hon. Stanley Baldwin (Earl Baldwin of Bewdley) - 30th Annual Dinner

1923: Colonel John Buchan (Lord Tweedsmuir)

1921: The Right Hon. Robert Munro KC MP. (The Very Reverend Professor Paterson presided and delivered the Toast to Sir Walter) 

1920: The Right Hon. Lord Glenconner (Died - Dinner Cancelled - no Annual Report issued)

1920: The Right Hon. Lord Latymer (Resigned due to ill health)

* * * * *

1914: The Right Hon. Viscount Bryce (Dinner Cancelled due to First World War)

1913: The Right Hon. Sir John Simon - 20th Annual Dinner

1912: The Most Rev. and Right Hon. Cosmo Gordon Lang (The Archbishop of York - later Canterbury)

1898: Sir George Douglas (Honorary Guest - The Right Hon. Joseph H. Choate)

1897: The Hon. Lord Stormonth Darling (Honorary Guest - The Right Hon. Arthur J. Balfour M.P. )