A Warm welcome is extended to intending members. Membership runs Annually, if you join after October you get the remainder of the year for free and your membership will start from 1st January. 

If sending a cheque -- then please download this Application Form.

The current fees are as follows:
Annual Subscription ...............£ 15
Joint Annual Subscription.......£ 18

If sending a paying via BACS or Standing Order -- 

simply send an email with your name and address and with the following: 

I/We wish to join The Edinburgh Sir Walter Scott Club.

I/We have set-up an annual payment to

Sort code 80-41-21 Account no. 00353298 

email to: 

Dr. Michael Wood with our Chairperson Dr. Lucy Wood


1. NAME. The name of the Club shall be "THE EDINBURGH SIR WALTER SCOTT CLUB" 

2. OBJECT. The object of the Club is to advance the education of the public concerning the life and works of Sir Walter Scott to such extent and by such methods as shall be determined to be appropriate from time to time by the Council of the Club.

3. MEMBERSHIP. Annual Membership shall be open to any individual or organisation, with existing life members retaining their status. Council shall have the right to terminate the membership of any individual or organisation if, in its opinion, this would be in the interest of the Club, but the individual or organisation in question shall have the right to be heard by Council before a final decision is made. 

4. HONORARY MEMBERSHIP. Honorary members, who shall not be liable to pay any subscription, but be entitled to all the privileges of membership, may be elected by the Council of the Club; after his/her term in office the President shall automatically become an Honorary Member. 

5. COUNCIL. A President and up to fifteen members, in addition to the ex-officio members under-mentioned, shall be appointed annually at the Annual General Meeting to carry on the general business of the Club, including arrangements for the Annual General Meeting, Five members of Council shall form a quorum. Council may appoint sub-committees of its members for conducting such work as may be deemed advisable. Council shall have power to co-opt. 

6. OFFICIALS. (a) A Chairman, an Honorary Secretary and an Honorary Treasurer shall be appointed annually by the Council; they shall be ex-officio members of the Council and all Committees. The Chairman shall hold office for a term of three years; he/she shall be eligible for re-election but shall not hold office for more than two consecutive terms. 

(b) Subject to any specific instructions from the Council, the Officials are entrusted with the management of the Club. They are entitled to be refunded for any reasonable outlay which they incur on behalf of the Club, and they are authorised to make spending decisions on behalf of the Club of up to a total amount of £500 per individual item. Any expenditure of more than £500 per individual item will require the prior approval of at least two Council members who are not Officials.

7. GENERAL MEETINGS. An Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held in every year. At least fourteen days' notice shall be given to members of the date and time of the Annual General Meeting and of any other General Meeting summoned by Council. At every General Meeting every member of the Club shall be entitled to be present and to have one vote on each question raised. 

8. SUBSCRIPTIONS. Subscriptions shall be as follows: 

Annual Membership £ 15 

Joint Annual Membership £ 18 

Corporate Membership £ 400 

Subscriptions shall be payable on admission, and the annual subscription thereafter by 30th June in each year. Council shall have the power to remove from membership any member whose subscription shall fall two years in arrears. 

9. ACCOUNTS. The financial year of the Club shall end on December 31st. The Honorary Treasurer shall keep such proper records of account as shall enable him to present at every Annual General Meeting of the Club an accurate Report and Statement of the Finances of the Club; the Statement of Finances shall have been confirmed by a member of the Club appointed by Council. 

10. PROPERTY. Property of the Club, of whatever kind, may be applied only for purposes of a charitable nature. It may be distributed only as specified in Rule 12 infra or in similar circumstances. 

11. ALTERATION OF RULES. All or any of the foregoing Rules may be altered, and any new Rules may be added, at the Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting, by a majority of members present. Any motion for alteration or addition to the Rules of the Club shall be given notice of to the Honorary Secretary at least one month before the date of the meeting, accompanied by the names of the proposer and seconder. Such motions shall be included in the notice calling the meeting. 

12. DISSOLUTION. Should Council by a two-thirds majority decide at any time that it is necessary or desirable to dissolve the Club, it shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club, for which not less than fourteen days' notice be given, stating the terms of the proposal. If such a decision shall be carried by a majority comprising two-thirds or more of members present and voting, the Council shall have power to dissolve the Club and to dispose of any assets held by or on behalf of the Club and remaining after satisfaction of any proper liabilities, to such other charitable organisation or organisations with objects similar to that of the Club, as Council shall determine.