Our President in 1933 was:

The Most Hon. The Marquess of Linlithgow

The Hon. Lord St. Vigeans presided and delivered the Toast to Sir Walter at the 34th Annual Dinner on Friday 24th November 1933 in The North British Station Hotel, Edinburgh.  His Toast to Sir Walter has been made available here thanks to a donation from Our Dream Photography

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[Toast To Sir Walter]

You can also read the full report from where his address was taken here

Victor Alexander John Hope, 2nd Marquess of Linlithgow (24 September 1887 - 5 January 1952) was a British statesman who served as Viceroy of India from 1936 to 1943.

Succeeding his father in 1908, Linlithgow served on the Western Front in World War I, and then served in various minor roles in the Conservative governments of the 1920s and 30s, including that of Chairman of the Royal Commission on Agriculture in India and of the select committee on Indian constitutional reform. 

Text Source: Wikipedia

The scanned image below is of some rather interesting signatures is the this 1934 Bulletin. They have been identified by John Loska as follows:

David Anderson (Lord St. Vigeans) gave the address in 1933, & became president in 1934, when the Marquess of Linlithgow made the address. Macmillan is the Right Hon. Lord Macmillan who became president in 1935, James Curle became president in 1936, Professor George Trevelyan in 1937 & Major General John Hay Beith (the popular writer who used the pseudo. Ian Hay) became president in 1938.