Our President in 1934 was:

The Hon. Lord St. Vigeans

The Most Hon. The Marquess of Linlithgow presided and delivered the Toast to Sir Walter at the 35th Annual Dinner on Friday 23rd November 1934 in The North British Station Hotel, Edinburgh

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David Anderson, Lord St Vigeans KC (26 October 1862 – 1 June 1948) was a Scottish advocate and judge. He served from 1918 to 1934 as the second Chairman of the Scottish Land Court.

He was born on 26 October 1862. He was the son of Dr Joseph Anderson (1832–1916), an antiquarian who later served as keeper of the National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland from 1870 to 1913.

He was called to the Scottish bar in 1891. He was appointed as Sheriff of Dumfries and Galloway in March 1913, and in June 1913 he became a King's Counsel. In August 1917, he became Sheriff of Renfrew and Bute.

In May 1918 he relinquished the post as sheriff to become Chairman of the Scottish Land Court, taking the judicial title of Lord St Vigeans. The title was derived from the ancient village of St Vigeans in Forfarshire, where his father had been educated. He succeeded the deceased Lord Kennedy, having twice served as temporary Chairman during periods of Kennedy's absence, in July 1914 and December 1915.

After 16 years as Chairman, Kennedy submitted his resignation from the Land Court in early October 1934, and retired from the bench on 1 November 1934. He was succeeded by Robert Macgregor Mitchell.

In June 1935 he was awarded an honorary doctorate of Law by the University of Edinburgh.

Text source: Wikipedia