Our President in 2000/1 was:

W. Fraser Elgin C.A. 

He proposed the Toast to Sir Walter at our 92nd Annual Dinner on Friday 2nd March 2001 in The Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh

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Wiliam Fraser Elgin C.A  (15th September 1916 – 24th August 2017)

He attended George Watson's Boys' College (as it was then) from 1922 to 1934. He was then apprenticed to Richard Brown & Co., C.A., qualifying in 1940 as a Chartered Accountant - but out-break of war stopped him from going straight into full-time employment.

He served 6 years in World War II in the Ordinance Corp - working through the ranks to become a Major. During that time he was posted to Norway, Iceland, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany.

He always said that the war was a GREAT LEVELLER. Now it was fair to say that Fraser didn’t suffer fools gladly, but during the war he was forced to “GET FELL IN” by superiors whom he felt where beneath him intellectually. He also had to mingle with all walks of life. – but did become friends with folk from Northern England.. and to his own surprise discovered that they were actually decent and intelligent people. After the war he was still fondly remembered by his troops. Many wrote to him to remark about how they thought that he respected and look after them.

Though it wasn’t all serious business in the war. He did get blind drunk on a fair few nights with the Americans stationed in Norway. Though, on one occasion lighter-fluid was mixed in his drink – he said that was hellish. He also remarked that the war was made worse by having to eat SWEETENED (instead of SALTED) porridge every day.

In 1950 he married Muriel Bennett and adopted 2 sons, Keith and Andrew.

After several years as Secretary to The British Investment Trust Ltd, he succeeded to the position of Investment Manager in the Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Society until 1975. At Scot Eq he managed to convince his employer that it would be a good idea to visit the firms in America in which they were investing. As a result he was able to enjoy over 30 trips to the States at the firm’s expense. Meeting prominent figures in the business world at the time - from Rudy Peterson to David Rockafeller: who laid on a private helicopter for him on the odd occasion. He loved America and spent his days off visiting places like Hawaii and San Francisco. His greatest thrill was being able to take-over the controls of a light aircraft and fly of the Golden Gate Bridge. They only thing that bugged him about Americans was that they used to call him Fra-SURE El-GIN.

He formally retired in 1983 but continued as a lecturer at the C.A. Institute, but remained a director of various trust here and overseas.

Outside of work life he had an involvement in a wide array of societies, groups and activities.

He loved playing Squash and watching tennis. He sailed most weekends on the Firth of Forth for over a decade. He refereed Rugby for over 20 years - including the Final of the Murrayfield VIIs. He was Cubmaster and Group Scoutmaster at Watson’s College. Chairman of Leith Nautical College for 12 years and Governor of Ascham House School.

He was either the Secretary or Treasurer or both - of The Edinburgh Sir Walter Scott Club for almost 30 years. Retiring from The Scott Club after organising the 100th Dinner with HRH Princess Anne in attendance.

In the Borders he was Treasurer for the National Trust and an Activist for the Conservatives.

With Muriel he travelled most of the World: From China, Russia, Europe, North Africa, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and America. 

Text source: Lee A. Simpson

Fraser meeting HRH Princess Anne at the Club's 100th Annual Dinner.

Image copyright: Studio 16 Photography (used with permission)

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Fraser was on the Council of the Club for 27 years from 1981 to 2008. Serving as Hon. Treasurer from 1981-2001 and Secretary from 1987-1996.  He also gave a lecture to the Club: 

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