Prof. Peter Garside - Scott's Shorter Verse: Versatility in an Edinburgh and European Poet

On Thursday 14th June 2018 our Chairman, Prof. Peter Garside, gave us a talk on Scott's Shorter Verse: Versatility in an Edinburgh and European Poet

First an apology. As still evident on your tickets this talk was originally planned as a joint effort, involving both myself and Dr Gillian Hughes. Unfortunately however about two months ago Dr Hughes endured a complicated operation on her foot, from which she is still recovering, though I was pleased to hear from her yesterday that the plaster cast has finally been taken off. The original planning of the talk took place when we didn’t even know whether an operation was to take place; and it was only really possible to decide finally that Gillian would be unable to undertake the journey from her home in Manchester about a month ago, allowing the change in the speaker situation to be announced out our last meeting and AGM. Even so if anyone thinks they’ve been enticed here under false pretences, then I do apologise, and Lee Simpson as our Events Convenor might even be persuaded to entertain a refund. The talk that I’ll be delivering this evening though is essentially what we had both planned, springing as it does from a joint project. I’m also hoping that Gillian will be considered as a speaker for our 2019 sequence of talks, and I know she has something potentially for us on Scott and the Stage, a scintillating and often overlooked aspect of his career as an Edinburgh poet.

Read the text from the talk here (the appendix handed out during the talk can be viewed  here)

Above Image Copyright "Lee Live: Photographer" (Used with Permission)