Reading Sir Walter:

The Fortunes of Nigel 

(Chapter 5) 

Read by pupils at George Heriot's School

The passage selected from The Fortunes of Nigel Chapter 5 features an encounter between King James VI and I, and his jeweller, George Heriot. Scott's novel offers the chief, if not the only, fictional representation of Heriot in Scottish Literature, and was therefore felt to be an appropriate choice for pupils of the school which bears his name. Indeed, it was to a large extent due to the financial acumen which Heriot displayed in his business with the King - and of which we gain a flavour in the extract chosen - that he was able to accumulate the very substantial sums which he left for the founding of the school. 

Camlet Moat. 1832. Engraving by Edward Finden from a drawing by Alexander Naysmith. Used here with the permission of the Walter Scott Digital Archive Image Collection.

Angus Millar and Michael Cameron, with Jonathan Brown as Heriot and Andy Peppiette as the King