Our Club Logo

Our Club Logo is of Sir Walter with Spice. The "Cut silhouette" image was taken in 1831 by Augustin Edouart in Edinburgh after Sir Walter had recovered from a serious illness. Our Club have been using it from the 1980s on the cover of our Annual Bulletin after it was chosen by Patricia Maxwell-Scott and W. Fraser Elgin.

Over the years we have had lots of correspondence with various galleries and have so far been unable to trace the owner of the work.

Our Hon. Treasurer has managed to purchase a copy of ‘Ancestors in Silhouette’ (1921) by E. Nevill Jackson from the USA. So, we now we might be one step closer to discovering who owns the copyright as that is where the image was published. Meanwhile he has used the opportunity to update the Club logo to one that more accurately resembles the original. 

[Download the Club Logo's here]